Apr 28, 2011 | Grant History, Health Care & Advanced Research

Life can be very stressful for the family of a child with a serious emotional disorder. This is why many families turn to the Association for Children’s Mental Health (ACMH) in Michigan. Since 1989, $693,000 in Gerstacker Foundation grants has helped the ACMH expand its reach, build awareness and directly assist thousands of families across the state.

Based in Lansing, the ACMH mission is to support, educate, advocate and connect families and their children who have or are at risk for mental health challenges. This means getting parents, professionals and concerned citizens involved in the process. It also means engaging in advocacy services and supporting family members in community leadership roles.

“The peer delivered services and supports that ACMH provided to thousands of families each year leads to more positive outcomes for youth with mental health needs and their families.  As a result of ACMH’s leadership and programs, families and youth are becoming active partners in their own care as well as the care of other families and youth.  By helping to design, implement, and evaluate the mental health system services and support, youth with mental health needs and their families have become equal partners in Michigan’s mental health system.” Said Malisa Pearson, ACMH executive director.

Gerstacker Foundation funding has helped the ACMH gain a respected reputation in the mental health field.This, in turn, has earned the ACMH several grants from other sources, enabling them to build momentum and continue to lead the way.