Apr 28, 2011 | Faith Based Initiatives, Grant History

When you ask people about The Salvation Army many of them will mention the bell-ringers at Christmas time.  But for many others, this organization rescues them from difficult circumstances and unexpected emergencies.  By the time many people reach the doors of The Salvation Army, their lives have hit a dead end.  But at The Salvation Army they learn there’s still hope.  There are still opportunities for u-turns, chances for change and new directions.  In all of its services, The Salvation Army believes that meeting immediate needs is important but addressing larger, long-term issues is vital for real life change.  Its ministry is holistic; it addresses the whole person-body, mind and spirit.  It is this creative and compassionate approach that is at the heart of all of The Salvation Army’s programs and services.  And it is because of this that the Gerstacker Foundation has donated $892,500 to the Salvation Army over the years.

“Without the generous giving of the Gerstacker Foundation the Salvation Army would not be able to help the community through programs and services as effectively as we do.  We are blessed to receive these gifts and are very thankful for them,” said Captain Matthew O’Neil, Corps Officer/Pastor of the Midland Salvation Army Corps Community Center.

Grants are used to support social services that focus on meeting emergency requests for food, housing assistance, utilities, and other basic necessities.  Grants are also used for community services that strengthen the individual and family, such as drop-in recreational after school programs, SHARE summer day camp, Kid’s Café- a free dinner program for youth, budgeting and financial management classes, parenting classes, and marriage enrichment programs.  The Salvation Army continues to analyze the needs of the community to develop needed programs through the grants.