Apr 28, 2011 | Affordable Housing, Grant History

For 54 years the Gerstacker Foundation’s commitment to senior housing has grown with demand, enabling seniors to enjoy independent living in attractive, accessible apartments.  Three major senior housing projects – Washington Woods I and II and Riverside Place – feature more than 300 units that are close to stores and transportation, and designed to meet a variety of needs.

Riverside Place

Washington Woods was built in the late 1970s, when a study confirmed that Midland’s elderly population was growing.  To help the City construct this facility, the Gerstacker Foundation pledged $1.7 million.  Soon the facility was full, and by 1982 the Foundation agreed to grant $2.5 million for Washington Woods II, matching the contributions raised by the community.

Those successes led to the construction of Riverside Place in 1993 in downtown Midland.  The Gerstacker Foundation gave $4.4 million — its largest grant ever at that time, which was again supported by other contributions.  Riverside Place has enriched the quality of life for seniors and helped anchor the rebirth of the downtown area.

The mission statement for the City of Midland’s Senior Housing states that their “staff exists to provide safe, comfortable, affordable housing and a personalized environment for senior citizens by utilizing a caring, team approach to combine a unique independent living concept with a high quality of life.”

Candy Balis, Senior Housing Manager at Washington Woods, has been involved with the City of Midland’s Senior Housing since 1991.  “All of us working and living within the City’s senior living communities are grateful for the support of the Gerstacker Foundation, for without them we would not exist,” she said.